Herbal Medicine

The goal of Chinese herbal medicine is to focus on restoring an energetic balance in the body while addressing the symptoms and root cause of any illness. Herbs have been used successfully for centuries and have proven to be an effective treatment method when used alone or combined with acupuncture and other alternative therapies.

With hundreds of herbs and formulas to choose from ailments such as arthritis, lumbar pain, insomnia, infertility, acne, allergies, fatigue, anxiety, depression, and other acute and chronic issues can be supported.
Herbal medicine also has the capability to prevent illness by nourishing and supporting the body’s structure and functions. Using a more proactive method helps to strengthen the immune, circulatory, digestive and other systems allowing the body to function optimally.

The Acupuncture Woman uses the highest quality herbs from Evergreen Herbs, a locally-owned herbal company with a vision of promoting health and well-being through genuine traditional Chinese herbal medicine. Built on both western and eastern clinical experiences, combined with modern herbal research and technology.

  • Traditional patent formulas modified by the TCM specialists with extensive clinical experiences and modern herbal research;
  • Use only mild and non-toxic herbal ingredients. This makes Evergreen Herb formulas especially suitable for Western trained acupuncturists who use acupuncture as their primary modality, and wish to safely support their treatments with reliable modified classical formulas;
  • All herbal ingredients used follow the Australian Therapeutical Goods Administration (TGA) guideline standards;
  • All formulas follow the TCM hierarchy principle of herbal formulation practiced for 3,000 years – all herbs in a formula synergize each other to achieve high safety and efficacy;
  • Evergreen Herb products contain either single, double or triple formulas, with clear instructions. This allows practitioners to treat multiple patterns simultaneously and for both causes and symptoms to be targeted within a single product;
  • Classical formulas selected and modified for adapting to western people in regards to different lifestyles, weather and environmental patterns and diets;
  • Evergreen Herb products are a broad range of innovative formulas that have been designed to be easily combined and rotated to support each other, creating comprehensive care and better long term results;
  • Evergreen Herb products are concentrated, 100% herbal tablets that do not contain any coating agents, artificial flavors and coloring, preservatives, added sugars, gluten or lactose.
  • matches with working conditions in New Zealand
    Source: Evergreen Herb product guide.