Acupuncture as effective as drugs in treating pain, trial shows

Many of our clients suffer from lower back pain. A clinical study in several hospitals in Melbourne, Australia has shown, that acupuncture can be as good as drugs in relieving lower-back pain and that from sprained ankles and migraines.

An article in the Sydney Morning Herald quoted Dr Ben-Meir director of Cabrini Hospital’s emergency department, that a trial under 550 patient showed same results within three groups.

  • one with traditional Chinese Medicine , Acupuncture
  • one with standard pharmaceutical care
  • and one with a combination of both, acupuncture and pharmaceutical care.

All three groups delivered equivalent pain relief.

“He said it was particularly good for people who did not want drugs, such as pregnant women, and for those whose pain was not relieved by Western medicine.”

”I find acupuncture doesn’t always help all patients, but occasionally it’s the thing that really shifts them and gets them home and gets their symptoms resolved,” he said. ”It has an effect, there’s no doubt about that. It’s just, when do you use it? How often? Which points? And who delivers it? There’s a lot to be thought about and analysed before something like this is a standard therapy.”


You can read the full article here.

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