Laser Acupuncture for arterial hypertension


A new study published on PMC was undertaken showing that laser acupuncture can reduce the blood pressure with arterial hypertension patients.

The Objectives of this study was:
“to evaluate the efficacy of a laser acupuncture protocol developed and applied by nurses in arterial hypertension patients.”

The result of the Study:
“a significant reduction in systolic and diastolic blood pressure was observed among participants in the intervention arm, which was not observed in the simulation arm.”

As an conclusion the study is summarised:

“the results have demonstrated the efficacy of the protocol. Reduction and control of blood pressure have been demonstrated, indicating the possibility of using this technology for the care of patientes with essential systemic arterial hypertension. Brazilian Registry of Clinical Trials. UTN: U1111-1177-1811. Clinical Trials NCT02530853.”

You can read the full study including the information about the clinical trial, setup and patient groups compared on NBCI.

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