Laser Acupuncture for arterial hypertension


Empowering Health Through Innovative Laser Acupuncture

In a recent study published on PMC, researchers discovered that laser acupuncture may reduce blood pressure in patients with arterial hypertension. This meticulously designed study aimed to ascertain the efficacy of a laser acupuncture protocol administered by proficient nurses exclusively for arterial hypertension patients.

Study Objectives

This study’s primary objectives were to gauge the effectiveness of the bespoke laser acupuncture protocol meticulously developed by our team of skilled nurses and to appraise its application on patients grappling with arterial hypertension.

Study Results

The outcomes of the study are compelling. Participants subjected to the laser acupuncture intervention experienced a notable reduction in both systolic and diastolic blood pressure, a transformative effect not replicated in the simulation arm of the study.

Implications and Conclusion

The implications of this study are profound. The efficacy of the carefully crafted laser acupuncture protocol has been unequivocally demonstrated. The observed reduction and regulation of blood pressure underscore the potential utility of this cutting-edge technology in the comprehensive care of individuals afflicted with essential systemic arterial hypertension. This significant research effort has been duly recorded in the Brazilian Registry of Clinical Trials under UTN: U1111-1177-1811, with the clinical trial identified as Clinical Trials NCT02530853.

For a comprehensive understanding of the study, including insights into the clinical trial setup and the comparison of patient groups, we invite you to peruse the full study available on NBCI.

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