Frequently asked Questions

I would love to have acupuncture but I am needle phobic

Most people are surprised at how painless acupuncture really is. We use small needles that are as fine as a strand of hair so most patients feel very little. On occasion, and depending on the meridian point, there may be a slight feeling of heaviness or tingling around the needle which is indicative of the body’s Qi energy being activated.

You are most welcome to come and try a single needle before committing to a full treatment. If it’s still not for you, then our Tuina massage and ear seeding both provide similar effects to acupuncture without the use of any needles.

Do I have to believe in acupuncture?

Several studies have been done proven that acupuncture is a safe and effective treatment for a lot of conditions.

I woke up with a cold, should I still come?

The earlier you come, the chances are good that we can help you with the cold in the beginning. So if you are well enough to come, please

I just got my period and I have terrible cramps. Can I still get Acupuncture

Yes, acupuncture will be safe and beneficial for period pain

I have a health insurance, do I get treatment for free?

Check your insurance policy, some plans include acupuncture consultations.

My Company offers a ” my wellbeing” program to keep us healthy. What kind of benefit do I have if I come to Koru Therapy?

Any employee from an organisation offering the ‘My Wellbeing’ program will get 20 % off all treatments and not have to pay any ACC surcharge. (Note: the 20% discount does not apply to our range of products such as herbs).

Is acupuncture covered by ACC? Do I need to see my GP before coming to you? What about health insurance?

Yes, acupuncture is covered by ACC and we are a registered treatment provider (a standard ACC surcharge of $30 may apply). You will need to already have an ACC claim number for your injury but you do not need a referral from your GP before coming to Koru Therapy. As for health insurance, most policies are different so you’ll need to check if acupuncture is covered as a treatment.

Can I donate blood when getting acupuncture treatments?

According to the NZ Blood Bank you are able to donate 12 hours or more after the treatment so long as there is no inflammation present at the site. We use only sterile single-use (disposable) equipment, wash our hands before and after treatments and are registered with the New Zealand Register of Acupuncturists.

I take medication. Can I still get acupuncture treatment?

Absolutely. Acupuncture can be done even if you are on medication. Please tell us during the first consultation what kind of medication you are taking (including supplements) so that we can provide you the best treatment possible.

Can acupuncture be done during pregnancy?

Yes and we highly recommend it during pregnancy! Treatments may help ease morning sickness, help the body to prepare for labour, recovering after giving birth, and providing your new baby with a nourishing milk flow.